Sunday, 18 December 2016

Shopping for baking ingredients

It is that time of the year to stock up to bake for Chinese New Year again. With the fall in ringgit, rise in petrol prices and GST, baking ingredients are really expensive these days.  These are some of the best buys in town, I think  :-) 

1.  Butter

SCS butter cost around RM8 in most bakeries but I prefer Golden Churn for its rich buttery aroma.  Golden Churn is pricier, especially in supermarkets, but I managed to get hold of them at RM7.84 a bar of 250g, salted.

Unfortunately there is no unsalted Golden Churn in stock.

2 Almond

The price of almond depends largely on its size. A packet of smaller sized whole almond is priced at RM37.80 and another slightly larger ones for RM39.85 a pack.  

1kg of almond slice, sticks or nibs may cost RM45.90 a packet in one bakery shop but RM37.95 in another

 3.  Cashew Nuts

Similar to almonds, the price of cashew nuts varies according to its size and origin.  One average sized whole cashew nuts costs RM49.90 a kg and a slightly larger one cost RM53+ a kg.

4.  Florenta flour

Florenta flour is needed to make florenta crunch.  Most bakeries sell a 500g packet for the price of RM20 or so. I manged to buy them at RM18.90 a pack.

5.  Plastic Containers

Small plastic containers with red caps cost about 80 sen to RM1.20 each.  Some bakeries are selling very nice cute containers, costing a little more than the normal ones.

Well, I hope this post gives you an idea of the current market price of baking ingredients.  Happy shopping!

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