Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Crispy chocolate almond biscuits (short cut)

Biscuit vs cookie, what's the difference anyway.  One is UK English and the other Trump's English?  lol

Well, since I'm using the pre-mixed called "biscuit mix" in this recipe, I'll call it the lazy biscuit :-)  All you need is a packet of pre-mixed biscuit flour, add a bar of butter and add the nuts you desire.  These biscuits are crispy, quick and simple to bake.  It is eggless too. Here are the ingredients.

500g of biscuit mix 
250g butter
25g coco powder (optional)
150g almond strips

Mix biscuit premix and coco powder.  Rub in butter and add almond strips. Drop the biscuit dough on the baking tray and flatten it with a fork.  Baked at 180 degree for 10-12 minutes.

unbaked biscuits
Baked crispy chocolate almond biscuits

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